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Gang Profile - Partido Revolucionario Mexicano
The PRM (Partido Revolucionario Mexicano) is an organized prison gang operating in Mexico and Texas. This gang is composed of mainly Mexican nationals, many of whom were illegal aliens who committed crimes in Texas and were subsequently deported once they were released from prison. Deported Partido Revolucionario Mexicano members often re-enter the United States and establish themselves as members in Texas. Partido Revolucionario Mexicano allows U.S. citizens to become members of the gang in order to maintain their presence in Texas and eliminate the possibility of deportation .(
Signs & Symbols:
  • Mexican flag
  • Emblems from the Mexican flag seal (eagle - rattle snake - half wreath - cactus)
  • Mexican male with a sombrero and/or Tequila and Mezcal bottles
  • Borrachos
  • Mexcal
  • Revolucionarios
  • PRM
  • Puro Raza Mexicana
  • Estados Unidos Mexicanos
  • Los Barrachos de Villa