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Gang Hand Signs and Symbols

Many local gangs will adopt signs, symbols and colors to differentiate themselves from other gangs, confirm members, instill pride, communicate with allies and intimidate their rivals. Signs, symbols and colors are displayed through the use of graffiti, hand signs, tattoos, clothing, bandannas, caps, shoes, and jewelry to show affiliation with a particular gang.

Hand signs are another means of non-verbal communication used among gangs. Each gang has a sign or symbol that is formed with hands and fingers. The sign is usually a number or symbol that represents the gang. Sometimes the hand sign is displayed in one movement and sometimes it is done through a series of movements. Several movements usually mean the gang name is being spelled out, or that a rival gang is being shown disrespect by cracking the symbol or turning the symbol upside down. Handshakes are also common among gangs.

Small "b"
CK "Crip Killer" Hand Sign
LP Hand Sign
13 Hand sign
Hand sign Big 'B' for Bloods
Hand sign used by Crips and Folk sets such as;Gangster Disciples or Black Disciples here in Houston
5pt star is used by PEOPLE Nation sets like Latin Kings and Vice Lords. This sign has also been adopted by gangs such as Bloods or some Hispanic gangs.

Gang Hand Sign Videos