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Prevention & Intervention:

Currently in the San Antonio Texas Anti-Gang (TAG) area, our prevention and intervention programs are education-based.  TAG is made up of numerous experts regarding gang activity, gang culture, gang identification (tattoos & graffiti) and gangs in the region.  We would be delighted to share this knowledge with small groups, as time permits.  If you would like more information or would like to request one or more of our experts to speak at your group, please contact Stop San Antonio Gangs regarding availability at the below listed email:

It's Time For Everyone To Learn About The Dangers of Gangs
Most people don't want to admit that gangs and violence exist in our home towns and sometime in our own families.  If we don't educate ourselves on what's going on we can't help our sons, daughters and friends. Talking about the problem is the the first step to fixing it.  If not, we know one group that will listen to your children - gang members.

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