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San Antonio Area Gang Cliques/Sets
Information, Signs, & Symbols
Listed Alphabetically - This is not an all inclusive list.

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Gang Members

Gang Names Street
Signs & Symbols
Aryan Brotherhood of Texas   x       ABT , TAB , "I" "II" "XXX", HH , Swastika , Double lightning bolts , Shield with sword
Aryan Circle         x Neo-Nazi symbols, Circle shielded by a diamond, Diamonds shielded by a swastika, "1" "3" , "I" "III", AC, Ace Tray, Silence is Golden
Bandidos     x     Color: Red and Gold, 1% Diamond, Three Patch Cut - Bandido top rocker patch and "Fat Mexican" center patch with Texas bottom rocker, BFFB "Bandidos Forever Forever Bandidos"
Bloods x         Color: Red, red bandana, Piru, PDL, TTP, b hand sign, 5 pointed star, 5 pointed crown "3" "11" (Crip Killa), "MOB", DAMU, Pit Bull Dogs, Dog Paw, Flames
Crips x         Color: Blue, blue bandana, C hand sign, 6 pointed star, "60", NHC, Locs, Cuz, Pitchfork Up, "2" "11" (Blood Killa) "18" "3" (Rolling 60's Crip)
Gangster Disciples x         The predominant symbol of this criminal gang is the six-pointed Star of David. Colors are black and blue. The six-point star is symbolic of the gang's six principles of love, life, loyalty, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. The gang uses the star in graffiti, jewelry, and tattoos. Other symbols used by the gang include upward-crossed pitchforks, hearts, wings, flames, crowns, devil's tails, the letters GD, BGD, BOS (Brothers of the Struggle), or numbers that have a special significance to the gang. Members also distinguish themselves by wearing the gang's colors, which are black and blue. Some members also wear their clothing to the right side of their body as a means of showing their relationship with the Folk Nation. For example, members wear black and blue shoelaces only on the right shoe, tilt their hats to the right, and fold their right pant legs.
Hermandad de Pistoleros Latinos   x       Emblems: "HPL"; "Forty-fives"; 16/12's (which refers to the 16th and 12th letters of the alphabet - "PL" for "Pistoleros Latinos"; Eagle's Head; .45 Handgun.
Latin Kings (ALKN) x         Black and Gold / somethings Red, ALKN, "ALKQN" Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation, LK, Pitch fork down, 5 point crown, Amor de Rey, ADR - A-Amor D-De R-Rey - King Love, 5 point crown or star, Pitch fork down, "5", Kingmaster- ALKN
Paisas - Mexicles x         The Mexican flag, a Mexican eagle (the Northern Crested Caracara), and a rattlesnake on a cactus typically symbolize Los Mexicles. The gang has also appropriated other common Mexican symbols as its own.
Partido Revolucionario Mexicano x x       Mexican flag, Emblems from the Mexican flag seal (eagle - rattle snake - half wreath - cactus), Mexican male with a sombrero and/or Tequila and Mezcal bottles, Borrachos, Mexcal, Revolucionarios, PRM, Puro Raza Mexicana, Estados Unidos Mexicanos, Los Barrachos de Villa
Peckerwood x         woodpecker bird, standard Aryan symbols to support white supremacy ideology, "Peckerwood," "Pure Peckerwood," "100% Pure Wood," "Pure Peck," "Pure Wood," "Peckerwood Inc," "Peckerwood Tribe," "100% Peckerwood."
Surenos x         Blue of grey clothing, “Sur”, 13, X111, X3, Sur13, Unotres, Trece, 3 dots
Tango Blast / Tango Orejon   x       San Antonio skyline, Spurs logo, “210” area code
Texas Mexican Mafia   x       Mexican eagle with sun and crossed daggers, Mexikanemi, EME, 5 13 5, 13
Texas Syndicate x         Cuerno, Horns “TS” Tejano Style, Houston Texas symbol, longhorn symbol