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  Posted on: Tuesday, February 4, 2020
DEA: Most violent crimes committed by gangs in SA
Source: Fox San Antonio - by Yami Virgin
SAN ANTONIO — San Antonio may be the 7th largest city in the U.S., but when it comes to gangs in the state of Texas we're number 3. Fox San Antonio uncovers why some of the most violent crime committed by gangs is happening here in San Antonio.

The scenes are all over the news, gang violence doesn't go away but it does change. For example those who use to commit more murders are now committing more assaults.

"The Bloods, or the Sets of the Bloods are one of the most violent gangs in San Antonio when it comes actually to committing homicides. They’re followed by the Crips. And then they are followed by Tango Orejon and the Mexican Mafia," said Dante Sorianello, the assistant special agent in charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration in the San Antonio district.
But relating to pure violent crime in the area and that includes aggravated assaults. The numbers switch.

"They show that when it comes to aggravated assault that Tango Orejon followed by the Mexican Mafia, and then the Bloods are the ones, are the actors that are the most engaged in violent crime when it come to gang activity," said Sorianello.
Each crime, murder and assault are documented and are studied by the Texas Anti-Gang Center here in San Antonio. It's made up of multiple state, local, and federal agencies that includes San Antonio Police Department, Bexar County Sheriff's Office, FBI, and DEA just to name a few.

"Those groups focus on the investigation of gang members engaged in narcotics trafficking, weapon trafficking, violent crime," said Sorianello.

And according to the analysts, the numbers shows the amount of drugs, that are found, go through our area.

"It appears that here in San Antonio that narcotics is related to approximately to 65 -70% of all the violent crime that has committed," said Sorianello.
These numbers reinforce what authorities have been fighting for years.

"That many of these street gangs are engaged in a host of crimes that range from violence to narcotics," said Sorianello.

For the DEA, whose main mission is going after narcotics and those who sell them, the help from the T.A.G. or Texas Anti-Gang unit is key to having more success.

"These gangs, these members who commit these individual crimes, that is why we investigate them. We do not just randomly pick who we investigate, we go to where the crime was committed," said Sorianello.
"Is this changing the way you guys are doing things?" Yami asked. "No, we continue to investigate the biggest and baddest narcotics traffickers that operate in the area, whether they be members of a street gang a cartel or independent drug traffickers. We will go were the evidence leads us," said Sorianello.

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