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Gang Profile - Tango Blast / Tango Orejon
Tango Blast and Tango cliques (including San Antonio’s Tango Orejon) are located in most metropolitan areas across Texas. Tango Blast first developed as a self-protection group against more established prison gangs, such as the Texas Mexican Mafia and Texas Syndicate. They have since grown rapidly and now boast the highest membership numbers among Texas prison gangs. Tango members appear to return to their local street gangs when released from prison, rather than continue their prison-based affiliation. Other Tango cliques include Austin Tangos (Capirucha), Corpus Christi Tangos (Corpitos; Charco), Dallas Tangos (D-town), El Paso Tangos, Fort Worth Tangos (Foritos; Foros), Houston Tangos (Houstone; H-town), Rio Grande Valley Tangos (Valluco), and West Texas Tangos. (
Signs & Symbols:
  • San Antonio skyline
  • Spurs logo
  • “210” area code
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